Primal Radiance Serum


*Jojoba Oil, *MCT oils Capric and Caprylic acid, *Castor Oil, *Emu Oil, *Grass Fed and Finished Beef Tallow, *Calendula Flowers


with added Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Roman Chamomile & Frankincense


Comprehensive nourishment in a light serum with thoughtfully selected and potent ingredients, free from fillers or additives, ensuring a safe and pure blend suitable for even the most delicate skin types.

Experience true primal radiance that can only be delivered from high concentrates of fat soluble vitamins found in nourishing Tallow and Emu Oil, which our highly bioavailable as they mirror our own biological make up closely. With pure Castor Oil and  MCT’s as this serum’s base, it provides countless benefits and uses. Castor Oil is an ancestral skin care ingredient known to be effective at reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks, providing deep and lasting hydration, reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well as inflammation and redness control. Soothing Calendula infused with the light addition of the purest, therapeutic grade Frankincense and Chamomile essential oils round out this serum perfectly, making it a staple in your daily routine that your skin will thank you for.

Every ingredient thoughtfully chosen to deliver a truly nourishing and effective experience for all ages and complexions. Bottled in a glass amber bottle with a child proof, leak proof dropper.