Natural Deodorant


*Grass fed and finished beef tallow, *Virgin Shea Butter, Arrow Root Powder, *Virgin Coconut Oil, Kaolin Clay, Non-nano Zinc Oxide, *Beeswax, *Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (Bergamot)


Bergamot scent is gender mutual


Experience the freshness of nature with our all-natural deodorant, carefully crafted with a blend of wholesome ingredients. With soothing grass-fed tallow from beef suet as the base and the odor eliminating, moisture reducing power of Arrow Root Powder and Kaolin Clay, this deodorant offers effective odor control while being gentle on your skin. Infused with Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (Bergamot), it’s a harmonious fusion of purity and potency, keeping you confidently fresh throughout the day.




△ Beading and Variability in Natural Products

Raw suet tallow, in its unrefined state, shares similarities with raw honey in terms of natural processes. Just as raw honey may crystallize over time—a process that can be reversed by gentle warming to restore its smooth texture—raw tallow can also exhibit changes, such as beading, though the reasons behind this phenomenon remain unclear. Factors such as temperature changes, atmospheric pressure, humidity, or the presence of other ingredients might play a role, yet the exact cause is elusive. Interestingly, while some jars of tallow bead, others from the same batch do not, mirroring the inconsistency observed with honey crystallization. This unpredictable behavior confirms the variability of high-quality, natural products.

Moreover, both raw natural honey and grass-fed suet tallow exhibit seasonal variations in texture, taste, and color, even when sourced from the same location and producer. These changes are attributed to environmental factors and the availability of resources, which influence the products’ characteristics beyond our control.

Despite these variations, the effectiveness and value of the products remain unchanged. Beading in tallow may require a bit more effort to blend into the skin, but this is a minor inconvenience that we accept rather than opting to add preservatives or reducing the ratio of tallow. Similarly, natural variances can affect the scent, texture, color, and consistency of these products, yet they continue to deliver their intended benefits without compromise. Opting to avoid synthetic additives or emulsifiers preserves the purity and benefits of these farm-fresh, animal-based products, even though it means accepting some inconsistency in texture compared to more heavily processed alternatives.

Embracing these natural variations as a testament to the quality and integrity of our ingredients allows us to appreciate the wholesome benefits of these products more deeply. Rather than seeking uniformity, we value the unique characteristics that come from nature’s diversity, offering a superior, natural option for skin care. We are committed to leveraging the best of what nature offers, hopeful that you too can enjoy the genuine, naturally derived benefits despite any organic irregularities.